Decorative Tin Ceiling Tiles Projects

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Tin Ceiling Tiles Projects

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Many different projects can be undertaken using

tin ceiling tiles

. Any space can be decorated using tin

ceiling tiles

and many objects can be decorated with tin ceiling tiles creating affordable luxury look items to set off your space. In the home, business, showroom, or other premises, there are many ways tin ceiling tiles may be used to bring a stylish interior designed look to a decorative scheme and to make some architecturally inspired features.

If you spend some time looking around the website, you will find a treasure chest of

ceiling tile

types and designs. As decorating items they are so versatile and the different patterns, textures, and colours will be sure to suit your theme whether you are looking for something urban, edgy, and contemporary or something with an Art Deco or Victorian feel. It is easy to create some drama with

tin ceiling tiles

whatever your decorating objective is.

Tin ceiling tiles as Art

Styrofoam Ceiling Antique Copper

Hand-painted Foam Ceiling tiles 20×20 ins in proportions. Any of these tiles absolutely are a killer answer regarding dreadful ceilings updating. Not only you will definately get a very picturesque style and are ready to save much on yoHand-painted Foam Ceiling tilesur installment since it’s quite easy but you also will incorperate a a small amount of insulation. It’s actually a great square tile which dimensions 20×20 ” yet weights just about 5 ounce. This specific tile happens to be hand-painted to look like Basic Copper. It is typically attached on just about all ceiling surfaces which includes sheetrock, plaster, stucco in addition to popcorn ceilings.

If you are looking for something dramatic and eye-catching, nothing can beat

tin ceiling tiles

as artwork. On a plain wall, tin ceiling tiles in the material of your choice and pattern of your choice can be glued onto the wall with a simple glue gun to make a quick statement piece. The beauty of the tin

ceiling tiles

is you can mix and match the patterns, colours, and styles for an abstract art piece or repeat the pattern in a square. Just four tin ceiling tiles in a square would be spectacular. Try drawing out some random designs on paper to see what pattern would suit your room. If you have a dark colour on the wall, silver tiles look very well and on lighter walls, there are colours, bronzes, and golds to use. Let your imagination lead the way to make your ceiling tile artwork for walls.

Ceiling Tile Panels

Ceiling tile panels have many uses as partitions, backdrops, and screens. Deciding what you want a panel for it the first step to choosing a design. For example in an open plan room, you may wish to divide an area off for a computer space. A room divider screen can be made with

tin ceiling tiles

affixed on both sides for a stylish room divider that gives the computer user privacy and somewhere to work and study or, the room divider can be used to cordon off a quiet area or kids play area. There are so many

ceiling tile

designs to choose from to affix to your panels and you can tie in a colour theme or style theme with the variety on offer. Look at our video links to see how to build a ceiling tile panel. It is so simple and a real quick fix to dividing up space.

To make the panel is very easy to do and need not be complicated at all. It can be as simple as gluing the

tin ceiling tiles

of your choice onto a sheet of 4×8 plywood paneling then prop the finished article against a wall. Depending on your carpentry skills, you could mount the panel on a stand and even add wheels for easy maneuverability.  If you are feeling very handy, you could have three panels and hinge then together to make a three-sided space which adds intimacy if you want to create a quiet space with bean bags or sofas. Kids especially love to have a little den near parents yet in their own space. A great place to flop and read a book or nap – every home should have a quiet space and a ceiling tile divider does the job cheaply and quickly.

Ceiling Tile Mirror Surround

A great favourite and affordable yet spectacular feature is to take a plain mirror and affix it to a bathroom wall or any other wall and then put a frame of tin ceiling tiles around the outside. IT will look madly contemporary and modern or exotic and mysterious depending on the tiles you choose. For a hairdressing salon or just as a main feature over a fireplace in a room or in a hallway, this simple treatment is simply effective and is sure to be a talking point for visitors.

Ceiling Tile Fire Screen

Many open fireplaces are not used in the summer time and an empty grate sitting there looks quite ugly. Following the old tradition of a fireguard, a modern twist is to build a mini panel from plywood and decorate with tin

ceiling tiles

. Take a piece of plywood and using the same techniques as you did for the ceiling tile panels, glue your tin ceiling tiles of choice to the fireguard sized piece of plywood. Remember that some tin ceiling tiles can be easily cut with a simple pair of scissors so making to size is not a problem. Your fireguard will look beautiful during the summer months to hide an open fireplace.

Ceiling Tile Plant Holders

As was mentioned previously, some kinds of tin

ceiling tiles

can be cut with scissors. This gives great scope for covering large square planters or boxes for flowers and plants with tin ceiling tiles to make an extravagant piece to sit in a hallway or conservatory. You could quite easily make matching sets for plants that would look marvelous in any setting. The ceiling tile designs would lend themselves to planters for larger plants such as indoor palms. It is not advisable to use the tin ceiling tiles outdoors.

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As can be seen tin

ceiling tiles

are just not for ceilings and as a decorative item that can be used in many different ways on projects, they take a lot of beating. The results of your project far outweigh the cost and people will be amazed that a project you have done yourself did not cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. These few simple projects will get you started and you will no doubt think of many more. Think up a

ceiling tile project

today and enjoy being creative as you model and make different tin

ceiling tiles projects

. Good luck with your projects!

Send Your Retail Sales through the Roof with Great Stores Ceilings Ideas

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Retail Stores Dropped Ceilings Ideas

to Profit From

In today’s uncertain economy, it is increasingly becoming more important to make sure that every aspect of your store appeals to your customer and that doesn’t just mean the merchandise being sold.  From the carpeting or flooring to the fixtures -to the ceiling you install, the customer needs to feel like everything has been put there just for them.  Your retail store ceiling is actually a very important part of the shopping experience, as well as a great way to “sell” your stores image.  Have you ever been in a store that just seemed, well, like the merchandise, the lighting, the ambiance…everything just had that”wow” factor?  Most likely, without you even realizing it, that store Retail Stores Ceilings Ideasdid not have a plain white painted ceiling. The ceiling drapes the store décor and can make – or break – a store’s statement.

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Ceiling tiles

can also provide for the store owner a valuable function. Sound echoes that are not desired, moisture due to the outside environment – all of this can be controlled when choosing the right

ceilings tiles designs

.  How many times have you concentrated on and put more emphasis on what type of lighting fixtures to put on the ceiling?  Yet by neglecting the ceiling, you are missing out on creating a magnificent backdrop for the expensive lighting being chosen.  The right ceiling tiles can enhance and increase your investment in the store itself.  There are countless solutions to take care of any need for any type of retail store from clothing, jewelry and shoe stores – all the way to furniture stores…even pet stores ceilings should provide a function and pleasing aesthetic value for the consumer and the employees.


ceilings tiles

conform to fire and safety regulations, are easier to install than ever, and offer endless designs options for the business owner. If a store location’s interior architecture is out-of-date, ceiling tiles and panels offer an affordable design solution to renew the interior. What’s even more fantastic about ceiling tiles and panels is that the impressive design choices available today allow for installation on walls.  Think about how often stores use mirrors, wallpaper, or just plain paint on the walls.  By discovering the beauty, function and affordability of ceiling tiles, a store owner can profit more than he could ever realize.  Any store can use stylish tiles as a backsplash to designate their counter area. Back-splashes make great accents and can define small sections of a store economically.

Clothing Stores Ceilings Ideas

Clothing stores today are competing against each other in a battle for consumer dollars, loyalty, and brand recognition.  A clothing store can stand out from the crowd by making small investments in updating its look.

boring drop ceilings tiles

boring drop ceilings tiles

When it comes to

clothing stores ceilings designs ideas


, the sky’s the limit- you just need to know what message you are trying to convey. If you are updating an out-of-date, boring location, unique tiles can add flair and freshness to an existing store, or a store that is setting up shop in a new location.  For the store owner on a budget, white

Styrofoam tiles

can be an extremely economical way to update a painted ceiling or cover a popcorn ceiling that was more popular in the 1970’s.

Styrofoam ceilings tiles come in many designs, and are very inexpensive.  These ceilings tiles also help buffer sound, which is a quality many store owners want. The customer doesn’t get overwhelmed by noise upon entering.  Styrofoam tiles are also paint-able, so the color scheme selected for the store can be a part of the designed ceiling as well.

Classic tin ceilings tiles can also be a great economical ceiling design idea for a clothing store that appeals to a younger or more hip demographic. They are easy to install by one person and can provide illumination and interest in a darker or colorful store interior. Copper tiles can add warmth can provide a ceiling for a store that caters to organic and environmental demographics.

Furniture Stores Ceilings Ideas

Furniture stores tend to create an ambience of stepping into individual enclaves in order to showcase a look, feel,

ordinary drop ceiling

ordinary drop ceiling

and lifestyle for each furniture collection.  Furniture store ceiling ideas need to reflect the understanding that furniture is an important and sometimes expensive shopping decision for the consumer. Ceiling tiles or panels need to be able to convey a sense of privacy for the consumer as they relax on a recliner and contemplate whether or not the particular design they are looking at can fit comfortably into their lifestyle and their budget. Purchasing furniture is not an impulse buy for the consumer; it is thought over and discussed with another usually before any decision is made.

Styrofoam ceilings tiles

are an excellent choice

extraordinary drop ceiling tiles

extraordinary drop ceiling tiles

for their sound dampening quality as they allow for more privacy, especially in larger retail spaces.

As many furniture stores need larger locations to showcase their inventory, quite often these stores have pillars or wide columns spaced throughout for the support of the building. If you have pillars, what do you do with them besides paint them?  Crown molding can provide a rich design solution. Crown moldings can add an upscale yet homey feel to a large store with or without pillars.  Crown molding can be used along the walls. It can be plain or carved, it’s paint-able, and is lightweight and easy to install.  A simple crown molding can transform a store into a true showroom of elegance for furnishings.

Shoe Stores Ceilings Ideas

Shoe stores can benefit from tin and aluminum ceilings tiles.  A glimmer from above can enhance any shoe buyers

common drop ceiling tiles

common drop ceiling tiles

experience.  Surprisingly, by making your ceiling in a shoe store just appear more expensive, it can also make the shoes appear to be of a richer and better quality.  People are willing to spend more if the perceived value is greater.  A great idea would be to use

ceilings tiles

to separate departments from each other.  One suggestion would be to use a very shiny tile in an ornate design for a women’s shoe section

Uncommon drop ceilings tiles

and a faux leather design for the men’s shoe section.  Imagine this look in your store. Then, take each design tile and run a line of each one along your store’s perimeter, corresponding to each department, yet meeting at the center. It would tie in the theme of your choosing while giving that ease to the customer of simple direction.

Jewelry Stores Ceilings Ideas

bad ceiling idea

bad ceiling idea

Great ceiling Idea

Great ceiling Idea

Jewelry stores offer a unique perspective on how to use ceiling tiles and panels effectively to enhance the entire décor.  In a jewelry store, the emphasis is truly on the product. “All that glitters” is generally the theme. In this instance, it is best to scale back on the shine and action of some tiles, and opt instead for low key, sound insulating tiles that give an appearance of a quiet border to offset all  of that “bling”. When a customer walks into a jewelry store, they want to feel that the store is trustworthy and professional. An understated and low-key approach is best. When designing a jewelry store, it is suitable to use just a few medallion tiles on the wall to create a distinctive design intermittently along the walls. This gives a store a look that no other store has, yet would appeal to most consumers.

Boutiques Ceilings Ideas

ugly ceiling
In a boutique setting, specialness and quality tend to be the primary focus. A certain customer is coming into your store for a reason that’s already defined. Boutiques lend themselves to the best or the most creative of all design solutions for stores.  A store ceiling with shiny tiles that have cherubs cherubs ceilings tilesadorning them interlaced with smooth ones that are solid in design, or a tile that is ornately designed to be reminiscent of a wine country are all acceptable, and desired in a boutique environment. Create a

back-splash with a design of copper tiles

on the wall near comfy seating, and no one will want to leave!  Should your boutique have ceiling fans, utilizing 4 -6 tiles on the ceiling around the base can add a rich, finished look.  A truly decadent option to a boutique setting is using faux leather ceiling tiles, lending an entirely luxurious feel to the setting.

Pet Stores Ceilings IdeasFaux Leather Ceilings and Walls Tiles

Pet stores are a bit different in that they do not tend to require the luxury feel of leather tiles (depending on the store, of course!), but if you are updating an older store, Styrofoam or tin tiles can complete a look for you in a short period of time.  Ceilings tiles will lessen the unwanted sounds.  Drop ceilings are a great design idea for pet stores.  Pet stores have live, precious inventory that need to be cared for – even when the

owner and customers are not there. Your live inventory can be costly because the temperature in the store cannot be lowered to save money when you leave.  Did you know that a dropped ceiling can drastically reduce your heating simple retail store SOHO ceilings tilesbills?  Since heat rises, lowering your ceiling will assure that the heat you need to keep optimum temperatures for living creatures will not rise as high and costly dollars won’t “fly” out of your wallet. Ceilings tiles won’t absorb odors, and they won’t chip.  It’s a very small investment.  Drop ceilings come in many styles and compositions like aluminum and different tins.  They also can be painted.  Customers treat their pets as family and want to feel comfortable in any store when shopping for pets.  For the owner, a ceiling that generally softens a store may be useful.  Applying easy to clean tiles to the walls can provide a distinct look for a pet shop while maintaining the level of sanitation that is required in such an environment.

Now that your store is beautiful, you might want to invest in the much overlooked backrooms and stockrooms. That is a great place to save on your heating bills by dropping the ceilings slightly to conserve the heat efficiency in the rest of the store. One person installations of most

ceiling tile designs

makes it a “win –win” for store owners and adds value and pride to your business. A business is an investment in all areas – whether customers see it or your employees do.

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By realizing the expansive ways in which

ceiling tiles and panels

can be used so effectively for function and fashion, store owners can take

retail stores ceilings

ideas to new levels – and new heights!

The Ceiling Is Not The Limit With Unique Restaurants Ceilings Tiles Design Ideas

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Unique Restaurants Ceilings Tiles Designs Ideas

In an ever competitive market place it is important for restaurants to be aesthetically pleasing as well as offering good food and a memorable dining experience. This means as much attention must be paid to the appearance of the restaurant and its décor as to what is going on in the kitchen.  High quality food deserves to be served to customers in a high quality pleasing environment. Creating the right impact on your customers will keep themUnique Restaurant Ceiling Tiles Design Ideas returning to you time and again as well as recommending you to other people by word of mouth.

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Nothing looks worse than stained or

damaged ceilings tiles in a restaurant

and they can present an unpleasant picture for diners if they hold condensation, are water damaged or even showing signs of mould. These customers are left with an unfavourable impression and are unlikely to return. The dining room is your showcase and if it is looking old and in need of a make over, customers are quite likely to wonder what the kitchen looks like that is not on display! When wear and tear, staining and damage occur down the years it is inevitably from cooking oil fumes that permeate from the kitchens and other pollutants (although smoking in restaurants is banned pretty much worldwide these days). Air conditioning and heating all play their part in this process of deterioration.

Out of date and shabby décor is off putting to diners however good the food is. It is important to keep your

restaurants décor


as fresh as the food on your menu. Whether it is to liven up the look of your dining room or completely re-model your restaurant there are many restaurants ceilings tiles ideas that can dramatically change the ambience of your restaurant and give a new look. Ceiling tiles are cost effective and conform to health and safety requirements in respect of fire safety, hygiene and practicality. If you use single ceiling tile options, any damaged tiles can be replaced easily without disruption to your business. Depending on your existing ceiling décor, replica tiles can be custom made to be installed over the old ones which is ideal for older buildings with period features. New tiles can simply be nailed or glued over the existing ceiling that is in place or a simple grid system can be installed and panels of tiles can be dropped in to form a feature ceiling.

Ceilings tiles for restaurants


are simple to fit and can be done by anyone with basic DIY skills making them ideal for the one restaurant owner looking for a speedy make over for the business.

Ceilings tiles are made in many different materials and a multitude of designs so you can choose according to your project budget or go all out to re-create a period setting with molded tiles and interesting textures. Amongst the most popular materials, tin ceiling tiles are popular because of their versatility and because they last, but ceiling tiles are made from many other materials. Polyurethane and Styrofoam are also popular choices. These materials can be utilized for beautiful cornices, mouldings and other decorative features to complement your ceiling tiles. Clever design sometimes results in decorative ceiling tiles ideas that see the tiles used in wall art and other artistic features giving an extra dimension to your décor.

Of course we also need to consider our

kitchen area ceiling tiles

and while we are making over the dining room, it can be cost-effective to replace the kitchen ceiling tiles as well. There are ceiling tiles designed specifically for this purpose that are rugged, durable, hard-wearing and resistant to moisture. Ceiling tiles of this type are often made of PVC making them washable and easy to maintain for health and safety purposes. For restaurant owners on a budget, this can save money on commercial cleaning as the tiles can be wiped in the weekly clean down by the kitchen staff.

Panels ceilings are another option especially if you have an existing suspended ceilings that you wish to cover up and these can be economical and quick to install for a fast makeover.  The tiles or panels are simply dropped in to a grid system that blends in with the overall look. Once again, the array of products and designs available in ceilings tiles enables a sharp and interior designed look whatever the theme of your restaurants.

Steakhouses ceilings ideas for restaurants


Steakhouses restaurants are a great favourite with diners and traditional decor or western-themed tends to be the order of the day. Steakhouses ceilings ideas for restaurants of this type depend on whether you are seeking a traditional look for your steakhouse. Molded tin ceiling tiles are an excellent choice and can be used to make the Steakhouse ceiling ideas for restaurantsdécor reminiscent of an old turn of the century city chop house offering a period look you’re your customers will love. Using rich bronze colors and authentic replicas of old tile designs will ensure you have a visual impact to stun your diners. Combined with some hard wood paneling and fine linen table cloths this would be a sophisticated look hard to beat.  If you are heading down a Texan or Western themed look then your steakhouse restaurant ceiling tile ideas are likely to be more fun loving with splashes of colour and some “yee ha” thrown in.  A more informal fun look can be achieved using some of the fabulous wooden ceiling tiles or panels in blonde or dark wood. Whether real wood veneer or faux, this kind of ceiling will give a real western feel especially if western-themed objects such as Navajo blankets, coiled ropes and cowboy hats are hung from the ceiling.

Pizza Parlors ceilings tiles

Pizza Parlors ceiling tile ideas need to blend the practical with the informal. By nature a pizza parlour is likely to have a faster turn around of tables than some other kinds of restaurants and be open for longer hours so the ceilingPizza Parlor ceiling tiles tiles will need to be hard wearing and easy to maintain. In this case it may be better to go for individual tiles so that single tiles can be replaced if necessary with minimal disruption to the business.  White or blue ceiling tiles will give a clean line to your eatery combined with white walls and modern furniture with a slick open kitchen or you may decide to re create Naples where pizza was first invented and have washing lines strung across your ceiling with some interesting garments hung up, perhaps some stripy T-shirts or even comical bloomers to keep the customers amused and checking out your great ceiling.

Mexican Restaurants Ceilings Tiles Designs

Maybe Mexican is more your style? This sort of restaurant really relies on looking good to create the right atmosphere. While diners are waiting for a table or drinking tequila at the bar, the décor should make them feel Mexican Restaurant Ceiling Tiles Designlike they are in Mexico. This is quickly spoilt by dirty or poor quality ceiling tiles. Your ceiling should be making a statement because, yes, people do look up! Something like a faux tin patterned ceiling just creates the right impression and sets up your customers for a positive experience. They already feel in the mood for Mexican and the actual food is the icing (or sombrero?) on the cake.

Italian restaurants ceilings tiles

Classical Italian cuisine deserves an appreciative environment for the dining room and your food can be set off by some creative Italian restaurants ceilings tiles ideas. If your restaurant theme is classical Italian, a touch Italian restaurant ceiling tilesFlorentine perhaps with terracotta and marble featured, ceiling tiles with a stucco effect are very striking or you can choose a tile series that creates a mural on the ceiling to re-create a painted ceiling a la Sistine Chapel! Styrofoam mouldings are very effective in a classically themed restaurant be painted over and artistically enhanced using different paint effects. Many Italian restaurants avoid a classical look and concentrate on being highly stylized and contemporary bringing the best of Italian design to the restaurant and no detail is left to chance. Ceiling tile choices for restaurants of this type helpfully come in slick, edgy designs to give the effect of a leather ceiling for example or metal which gives plenty of scope to you or your interior designer.

Chinese restaurants Ceilings Designs

We are used to Chinese restaurants being predominantly red and black representing the lacquer work that is so popular in Chinese culture. There tends to be a lot of symbolic décor accessories and strong attention is paid to Chinese restaurants Ceiling tilestraditional culture. Chinoiserie at its best features quite ornate patterned china vases, usually replica from the varying Chinese dynasties and these almost architectural features within a restaurant can be enhanced by some Chinese restaurant ceiling tiles ideas that include black or red plain ceiling tiles, tiles embossed with Chinese symbols or ceiling tiles enhanced with gold highlighting. A plainer ceiling often looks well with the amount of decorative features and paintings normally present in the average Chinese restaurant.

French restaurants ceilings tiles

French restaurants may be grand design, rustic bistro or café bars. French restaurants ceilings tiles ideas therefore offer a great variety of choice and with a grand sophisticated haute cuisine restaurant, we are likely to be looking French restaurant ceiling tilesat highly decorative tin tiles embossed or paneled in a replica design either single or of the drop in panel grid variety to give the best effect to provide a visual feast for your customers as well as the one on their table. Cornices and mouldings are to the fore again with the Styrofoam providing many classical designs that can be used in conjunction with the ceiling tiles. Rustic bistros and café bars lend themselves to a wooden ceiling tile type or even a plain ceiling tile in a mono colour. The benefit of a plain tile is they can be painted over and refreshed which is cost saving.

Japanese restaurants creative ceilings tiles ideas

Japanese design is very minimalist featuring quite stark lines using a lot of natural fibres. Paper is one material Japanese restaurant creative ceiling tiles ideaswhich is used a lot in Japanese design so some Japanese restaurants creative tiles ideas could include ceiling tiles that look like paper possibly drop in panels in a composite material that could be backlit. White tiles with a black grid system would supply the minimalist look which could further be enhanced by using the tiles on the walls as well providing a neutral interior that could then be co-coordinated with colour accents in vivid or pastel colors.

When looking at replacing ceilings tiles in your restaurants, be sure not to overlook the foyer or cloakrooms. The foyer is likely to be the first impression you make on your customers and a ceiling with impact will add to the atmosphere and become a talking point while they wait to be seated. Any public areas plus restrooms can use ceiling tiles to make an impact. You can rest assured that modern restaurant ceiling tiles not only out perform decorative expectations but are also safe and conform to legislation for fire and health safety as well as being low maintenance and cost effective. They can disguise less than perfect building structures or provide a focal point in a dining room when you are decorating on a budget.

Aluminum Ceiling Tiles Installed In Restaurant in Tokyo

Aluminum Ceiling Tiles Installed In Restaurant in Tokyo

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The variety of designs and materials means there is a

restaurants ceilings tiles solutions


for everyone.

Economic Home Improvement Tips

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Cleanliness is an attribute that distinguishes human beings. It is one of the most essential day to day household chores. It plays a key role in maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene, which in turn helps in maintaining good health. Home cleaning leads to a clean and decorated home making the inhabitants feel happy.

The most commonly used instruments of home cleaning are mops, brooms, sponges, towels, garbage bins, vacuum cleaners, sprays, detergents, disinfectants and chemicals. Here are some useful tips regarding effective home cleaning.

· Floor cleaning is a key part of home cleaning since floors are exposed to dust and germs coming from outside through variety of mediums. Door mats should be placed at entrance points of houses so that the person coming from outside can rub his shoes against door mat and reduce the amount of germs and mud coming from outside. Brooms can be used for collecting the dust particles. A wet towel can further be used to mop up the floors.

· The collected dust particles should be thrown in a plastic dust bin. All the waste material such as plastic bags, empty containers etc should also be thrown in dust bins. The garbage bins should be kept in a closed place and should have their lids closed. The accumulated garbage should be disposed off in community garbage bins.

· Cleaning the household furniture is another significant part of home cleaning. Wet towels or sponges can be used to clean the wooden furniture .The garmented furniture such as sofa sets etc can be cleaned through dusting by towels or through vacuum cleaners. But precaution should be taken while dusting manually as dust particles might enter eyes and nose leading to sneezing, irritation or eye infection. A clean cloth can be tied on the face while dusting. Eyes can also be shut or turned in the opposite direction to which dust is flying. The shelves and wardrobes must be frequently dusted using a towel.

· Removing spider webs from walls is also a very essential home cleaning chore. Spider webs can be removed by using long brooms. It is important because spider bites can prove to be harmful for human beings. Similarly spray and liquid insect replants should be used in order to keep the mosquitoes and other harmful insects at bay.

· Home cleaning is incomplete without taking proper care of the toilets. The floor of toilets should be regularly mopped to keep them dry. The wash basins should be washed using chemicals and long brushes. The toilets should be flushed after answering nature’s call and should also be cleaned by using chemicals and long brush. The taps should also be cleaned regularly in order to avoid bacterial and fungal growth on them.

· Cleanliness of kitchen is another vital area of home cleaning since food is cooked in kitchens. The utensils should be cleaned using detergents and sponges. The floors and walls of the kitchen must also be kept clean.

· Regularly bathing of pets is also a significant part of home cleaning, as coming in contact with unbathed pets can lead to allergies and other diseases.

· Without maintaining the exteriors, home cleaning is incomplete. The exteriors of the house such as cemented flooring should also be mopped or swept periodically. The lawns in the garden should be trimmed at regular intervals of time as overgrown grass can become a dwelling place for lizards, serpents and other insects.

· Emphasis should also be given to the fact that the rain gutters which protect a building’s foundation, reduce erosion, prevent leaks in basements and crawlspaces and protect painted surfaces by reducing exposure to water be properly maintained by employing effective gutter protection systems.

Summary -Home cleaning is an essential household chore. Floor cleaning, furniture cleaning, and toilet cleaning are some of the basic household chores. Apart from this pets hygiene and maintaining cleanliness in the exteriors is also important.

Author Bio -Gaurav Tandon works as freelance editor for popular online magazine that creates awareness about environment friendly ways to life. In his free time he contributes write ups to other environment friendly websites, blogs and magazines. Most of his writings are based on Eco-friendly tips that include afforesting, soil conservation, gutter cover, preserving natural resources etc.

How to transform your restaurant interior

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Whether your restaurant is a big one or a small one, nothing can attract more customers than a beautiful environment that perfectly fits the theme, style and food that you offer! Assuming you have the base colors and furniture of your restaurant covered, one area that is very commonly neglected is the ceiling. The ceiling of a restaurant is a very important mood tool when used in interiors and is a valuable trick in the sleeve of any restaurateur. It is also an area that customers like to share and talk about, because of the novelty factor. Today we are going through the different things you can do with your ceiling to give your customers an atmosphere they just love to talk about with their friends!

1.) Lighting structure

Your lighting structure will add a lot to the look, feel and environment of your restaurant, and can be designed to fit it with the overall theme as well. At it’s most basic level, if your restaurant serves foreign food, then your lighting could match the customs of the country from which the food originates to add a feeling of authenticity to your restaurant. If your restaurant is modern, the lighting should be modern, and if your restaurant is old fashioned, then so too should your lighting be. On a more sophisticated level, your lighting can be used to add depth: lighting that comes down from the ceiling, lighting in patterns and shapes and lighting in different colors can add a great deal of mood to the space, giving your customers either a bright and fresh feeling, or a sensual and cozy feeling. Lighting structures can make your restaurant a day restaurant, or a night restaurant, romantic, business like, family orientated or uber modern. Up to you which one works for you, but lighting is one ceiling trick worth using.

2.) Painted and decorated

The Sistine chapel is visited by millions every year because of the beautifully painted and decorated ceiling, and your restaurant’s ceiling will have the same effect on your customers. Painting murals and other scenery on your ceiling will give your customers something to look at, and the more detail there is the longer they will look and the more they will have to talk about, which would make your restaurant a perfect place to show off to guests or to take clients to: as you have given your customers something to speak about while they eat, which also adds to the fun factor of your restaurant. You don’t have to stop at paint either, mosaic patterns, tiles and other type of detailed decoration on a ceiling works wonders.

3.) Hanging items

Another way to add signature and differentiation to your restaurant is to hand items from the ceiling. Whether you go for lamps, lanterns, decorative items, carvings, holiday trinkets or models: hanging items from the ceiling will make sure that your restaurant is remembered, and revisited (but only if the food and service doesn’t let you down!)

Ben writes about interior design and currently works for a tool hire company.

a home improvement blog carnival – November 3, 2012

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Welcome to the November 3, 2012 edition of a home improvement carnival.

Steve Jackson presents 5 Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Fall posted at Housekeeping, saying, “Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean your garden has to be done displaying beautiful colors.”

Carter White presents How to Decorate Your Entrance for Halloween posted at Babysitting, saying, “As the air turns cool and crisp, thoughts naturally begin to gravitate towards the fall season and its spooky holiday, and what better way to usher in the new season than to decorate your house’s entrance for Halloween?”

Steve Jackson presents 10 Fun Ways to Get Kids to Help Clean Up posted at Housekeeping, saying, “Fun and clean in the same title? You bet! With most kids life is all fun and games anyway, so why not use that energy to have them help you around the house?”

home improvement

Mark Donovan presents Masonite House Siding Repair posted at HomeAdditionPlus, saying, “In this article Mark Donovan of explains and shows how to repair Masonite house siding. By following these step by step instructions you too can make your own Masonite or wood clapboard house siding repair.”

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a home improvement blog carnival – September 8, 2012

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Welcome to the September 8, 2012 edition of a home improvement carnival.

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Tina Katic presents Improving Air quality in the Office posted at K International Woodworking, saying, “Home Improvement: The secret to Happiness”

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That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of a home improvement carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Matching Lighting with the Room

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Did you know that the type and style of ceiling lighting you add to a room can dramatically improve any home or office space? By including elements of design in your ceiling lighting fixtures, you can create the right atmosphere and enhance the look and value of each room. Yet, many times interior designers put this feature on the back-burner, which defeats the purpose of remodeling a room.

From modern recessed ceiling lighting and ceiling fans to classic chandeliers and pendant styles there are many choices in lighting for ceilings. How can you choose the best ceiling light fixtures for your room?

The Right Ceiling Light for the Room

Start out by evaluating the type of room you are updating with new ceiling lighting, which will help you decide what style to go with. For bedrooms and family rooms, plenty of soft lighting is the best option so flush ceiling lights and ceiling fans are often a good choice. For offices, bathrooms and hallways, a non-obtrusive track lighting overhead can provide plenty of ambient light without being too “institutional”. In dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, conference rooms, and foyers, you will want to opt for ceiling lighting that is more impactful, such as larger pendant and chandeliers, coordinating with wall lights and lamps.

Room Size Matters

Another factor to consider when choose the ceiling lights to compliment your space is the actual size of the room itself. Obviously, the larger a room, the more light you will need to cover it. The general rule of thumb in lighting remodeling is that a 60 watt bulb will illuminate 6 feet. So a ceiling fan with multiple bulbs will cover a larger area, if the bulbs are pointed to the four corners of the room. For an oversized room, you may need more than one ceiling light fixture to provide adequate light for dwellers.

Other Design Factors

When it comes to deciding what ceiling lights to install in your room, you will also want to consider other design factors of the space itself. For example, if you are trying to provide light in a room with large bay windows on one side, you may need to offset the ceiling light fixture so that the room gets even light. With drapes, the room look changes.  Also, if the room is painted a darker color or the paint is semi-gloss, the type of lighting can either be inadequate or create an annoying glare on the walls. You may need to experiment with different bulbs or placement of the ceiling fixture.

Get the Best Quality Ceiling Lighting

As you choose the type of ceiling lights for your room, also consider that you will want to buy the best possible fixtures for your budget. A cheap ceiling light looks tacky. Very often you can purchase higher quality ceiling fixtures directly from a manufacturer or through a home remodeling warehouse at a reduced rate. To get the look you want, take your time as you pick out your new ceiling lighting.

About the Author: When Jillian Watkinson isn’t covering CHS – home improvement store in Chicago, she’s usually sitting by her computer with a Starbucks coffee reading all of her favorite design blogs.


Top Modern Office Furniture Ideas

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Having a healthy working environment is a must. Research shows that a comfortable and relaxing workplace environment has a direct positive impact on employees’ productivity and performance. That is why a lot of companies aim to provide unique and one-of-a-kind designs to facilitate a better work environment.

Choosing the right furniture

Getting the right furniture suited for a certain workplace can be challenging. There are several factors to consider, including the employees’ comfort and health, office space, and interior design. There are also other considerations such as the furniture’s cost, durability, type and style.

Office fixtures come in two types: panel-mounted and freestanding. Both are used for modular offices. Usually attached to walls or dividers, panel-mounted furniture provides more space. However, freestanding types are more commonly used, as they can easily be moved or modified should there be remodeling or rearrangement.

If you’re thinking up a new design for your office, here are some ideas that could give you some inspiration.

L-shaped Glass Desk – This desk provides a very good spacious wing. The frosted glass gives it a unique and fashionable look, suitable for almost any kind of office. Compact yet versatile, comfortable and stylish, this desk can be obtained at a fairly affordable price.  It comes in mahogany wood finish, providing an assurance of its sturdiness and durability.

Got Milk? Desk – Initially designed to go with any Apple product because of its white facade and curved edges, this office furnishing provides a lot of utility along with its simple elegance. It elevates and lowers electronically, with its specialized mechanisms to conceal cable clutter. It also has four partitions on one end, which can be used for storage, trash or, yes, even an aquarium.

Softwall Magic – Because of its flexibility, this type of divider allows for various office designs and arrangements. It is made of paper with a felt core, thus, it is recyclable and eco-friendly, and can be twisted in almost about any shape possible. It can be rolled and stored away easily when not in use, and it doesn’t eat up all the light in the area. This room divider is available in black and brown.

Lead Circular station – This design evidently can capture the eyes of any new employee, applicant, or even client. The circular station gives you a distinct look for your work place, providing uniquely private but stylishly space-saving office cubicles. You can choose among surfaces made of Powdercoat on MDF, Thermofoil, or High Pressure Laminate. Stations can also come with an integrated electrical system.

Rounded Chairs – This product displays architectural harmony with symmetric and asymmetric forms accentuated by a refined mix of materials. It is easily movable, with its aptly placed handles and legs prepped with slider glides and casters. It comes and various designs and other elements, including sectional lounges, screens and media consoles.

The cloud – This one-of-a-kind table is made by Marie Romer Westh, a Danish artist who specializes in artistically unusual table designs. The materials used in this furniture are wood, plastic and sheer metal. This will definitely give the office a unique and outstanding look, perfect for those who love contemporary and modern works.

Curved Panel – Best for moderately spacious reception areas, this piece of furniture comes with cross fraction panels and round legs painted in aluminum epoxy. Its classy glass top paired with sleek modish curves adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise plain room.

Cord Wood Wall – The wood wall can eliminate the boredom in the office, adding an illusion of outdoor extravagance. Not only is it gorgeous, it also provides superb wall texture and acoustics. This authentic wood may be hard to install, but it will give the office the natural cool temperature flowing from the outside.

Redesigning an office may take time, but it will surely improve the workplace and eventually, the overall office atmosphere and mood. Keep in mind that the furniture must be placed where electric supplies, cables, and telephone lines are easily reachable. Proper lighting, ventilation and arrangement of electrical devices are just some of the things to be considered in choosing new furniture. Also, ensure that the furniture purchased will provide comfort to the users.

Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook, an excellent source of information and reviews about Patio and Outdoor Furniture

5 More Examples of Great Ceiling Architecture

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I am always impressed by the variations that different cultures have. Every culture has its own set of decorating tastes, and every culture also has its ideas of what beautiful architecture is. While some are very specific, other can carry over to be beautiful no matter what culture the viewer is. Here are some great examples of ceiling architecture from around the world. These inspirational and colorful pieces should give you some great ideas of what you can do to make your home or business brighter and more artistic, even when you are talking about the ceiling.

  • Baha’i House of Worship, Wilmette, Illinois, United States. With nine sides and a great dome, this temple promotes quiet serenity and reflects the spiritual truths of the Baha’i Faith: the oneness of God, the oneness of humanity and the oneness of religion.
  • Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland.The Library’s history dates back to the establishment of the College in 1592 and it is the largest library in Ireland. The slatted wood ceilings and great archways lend themselves to contemplation and concentration in the vast collection of books.
  • Terminal T4 of the Madrid-Barajas Airport in Madrid, Spain. One of the world’s largest airport terminals, this bamboo and skylight design functions as a peaceful oasis for travelers. Incorporating natural light and earth elements, the terminal promises serenity to harried tourists and passers through.
  • TajMahal Mosque in Agra, India. The TajMahal is widely recognized as “the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage”.It is now a world heritage site and has been restored from the abuses it suffered during the early 1900s. The ornate and colorful ceiling design is only one of many that make up this unusual structure.
  • Mosteiro dos Jeronimos or Hieronymites Monastery, Lisbon, Portugal. Another world heritage site, the monastery has a ceiling that is heavily influenced by geometric design, with repetitive patterns making up much of the stone archways and columns. Built during the Middle Ages, the structure has survived through many generations. The vaulted ceiling was added in 1886, during a restoration of the building.

Whether it is geometric patterns, bright colors, or artistic flair that you want, these ceiling from around the world have them. The materials differ and the color schemes do too, but one thing remains the same. Someone took a great deal of thought and care when they designed these beautiful works of art. The same thought and care should be a part of your ceiling design.

Author Byline:

Kelsey is the editor in chief for She loves to write article and ideas that parents & nannies would be interested in hearing. She helps society on giving information about nannies through nanny services. She is a professional writer & loves writing on anything.


Tips for Commercial Design for an Unusually Shaped Space

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Creating a functional design in an unusually shaped commercial space can be both an interesting challenge and a unique opportunity to create something wonderful and distinctly representative of your business. Whether you’ve recently acquired office space in a beautiful  old building with a rounded room or are settling into a top floor unit with slanted ceilings, there are a number of solutions for developing a functional, professional, and beautifully designed office space.  Hopefully this post will help you to find your inspiration, rather than view your space as a constant source of frustration.

Rounded Rooms

So you have found an amazing office with an abundance of character in an older Victorian home that has recently been converted to commercial space. The challenge: the amazing space you’ve found has rounded walls. Luckily, there are a number of options for decorating a rounded room that won’t waste valuable space. Start by checking out ready-made pieces of furniture. Many furniture stores offer half-rounded desks, or corner desks that are curved slightly to help you maximize your space in a room with round walls. You can also find bookcases that are designed to fit into octagon-shaped spaces and angled couches modified for a circular space. By making strategic furniture choices, you can easily optimize our space and create any look in a rounded room.

Narrow Spaces

Narrow rooms also present unique design challenges. When you have a long, narrow room, you want to ensure you are purchasing the correct pieces of furniture for the space. Look for long, narrow desks and consider installing open shelving or glass front cabinets above your workspace, rather than trying to squeeze in bulky filing cabinets that could cause undue frustration and make the space feel cluttered. The key to making the most out of narrow rooms is to take a layered approach, and use higher wall space for aspects like creative lighting, storage, and conveying your look and feel. For inspiration, you may want to check out:

Slanted Ceilings

Slanted ceilings can be a source of frustration if you’re trying to design a functional office, especially if you are a taller person. A great idea for maximizing the space in an office with a slanted ceiling is to consider installing low book shelves or cabinets under the lowest point of the room. You are using the space to its fullest potential by creating a large area for storage. Low book shelves are easy to find at furniture stores, and they provide a great solution for storing things in commercial spaces with slanted ceilings. By centralizing your storage and other stationary items in the lowest parts of the room, you reserve the best space for your desk, areas to meet with clients, and more.

Open Concept

You may have found a beautiful, light-filled open concept space for your new office, but open concept comes with its own challenges, especially if you need privacy for phone calls and meetings. There is always the option of using cubicles for your space, and with creative positioning cubicles don’t have to feel bland and impersonal. A great way to create a space that is both private and has the opportunity for collaborative working is to leave the middle of the room open and inviting. Position couches and tables there, or perhaps a larger conference table. Cubicles can be placed along the perimeter of the room with clear glass doors in order to create some privacy and storage space for staff, yet the open space in the center of the room allows for collaboration and connection.

Your unique office space does not need to be a constant source of frustration. Whether the space is narrow, rounded, or open concept, you can easily create a professional, comfortable, and functional workspace with a bit of creative thinking and design planning.

About the Author

Jim Klossner writes for John J Cahill, a company that does remodeling and plumbing in Northbrook.  He’s interested in writing about practical design issues for residential and commercial spaces.

How to Design Your Own Perfect Bedroom

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Your bedroom is your own private sanctuary. It is where you can really be you and dream of who you want to be. The perfect bedroom is dependent on the type of person you are. From the color of the walls, to the curtains and the bed, your room should embody your uniqueness as a person.

Designing your own bedroom can be a bit of a challenge especially for those who are not artistically inclined. For those of you facing an empty bedroom and have no idea on how to start decorating or designing the space, here are some of the easy ways to get you started:

  • 1.     Paint. The best way to customize your bedroom is by painting the walls. Choose a color that you like. After all, this is where you will spend most of your personal time. To make it more unique, use color combinations to add depth to the room. You might even want to paint pictures if you have the time and patience to do so.

Also, keep in mind the concept of color psychology as studies show that this affects the atmosphere of a particular room. For bedrooms, you can use cool colors (e.g. shades of blue, lavender, or green) since these will help you relax.

  • 2.     Choose the right furniture. Once everything has been painted to your liking, the arduous task of choosing the right furniture is the next step. Make a list of furnishings that you will need—a bed, mounted shelves, additional cabinets, etc.

You can look up different tips on choosing the right furniture for your bedroom size. For instance, if you are working with a very limited space, you can opt for mounted shelves or carts under your bed for storage.

  • 3.     Purchase the furniture. The next and most exciting part is buying the stuff you will need to make your bedroom more comfortable. Keep in mind that before purchasing the furniture, test it first. Do not choose something because it looks cute or cool; buy it because of its quality and usability. Think of it as a long-term investment for your home.
  • 4.     Organize. To make your bedroom look more comfortable and not cluttered, it is important to organize your furnishings properly. Arrange things so that you can maximize the space and still have enough room to move around without bumping into things.
  • 5.     Illuminate your room. One of the things that invoke the feeling of relaxation is lighting. Choose lights depending on how you intend to use a particular area.

For example, if you have allotted an area for reading, you can choose a lamp that is bright enough to illuminate the book you are reading. You wouldn’t want to strain your eyes and have a headache over the wrong kind of lighting while you are reading. For the bedroom in general, you will also need a light that casts a warm shadow to help encourage relaxation and sleep. You can also install a dimmer switch to help you control the brightness.

More than being aesthetically pleasing, your bedroom should also have all the elements needed to be the one true place where you can sleep and relax comfortably. Do you have more tips you can share to your fellow readers? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook, an excellent source of information and reviews about patio and outdoor furniture. She also writes for Amerisleep, a distributor of memory foam mattress.