Decorative Tin Ceiling Tiles Projects

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Tin Ceiling Tiles Projects

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Many different projects can be undertaken using

tin ceiling tiles

. Any space can be decorated using tin

ceiling tiles

and many objects can be decorated with tin ceiling tiles creating affordable luxury look items to set off your space. In the home, business, showroom, or other premises, there are many ways tin ceiling tiles may be used to bring a stylish interior designed look to a decorative scheme and to make some architecturally inspired features.

If you spend some time looking around the website, you will find a treasure chest of

ceiling tile

types and designs. As decorating items they are so versatile and the different patterns, textures, and colours will be sure to suit your theme whether you are looking for something urban, edgy, and contemporary or something with an Art Deco or Victorian feel. It is easy to create some drama with

tin ceiling tiles

whatever your decorating objective is.

Tin ceiling tiles as Art

Styrofoam Ceiling Antique Copper

Hand-painted Foam Ceiling tiles 20×20 ins in proportions. Any of these tiles absolutely are a killer answer regarding dreadful ceilings updating. Not only you will definately get a very picturesque style and are ready to save much on yoHand-painted Foam Ceiling tilesur installment since it’s quite easy but you also will incorperate a a small amount of insulation. It’s actually a great square tile which dimensions 20×20 ” yet weights just about 5 ounce. This specific tile happens to be hand-painted to look like Basic Copper. It is typically attached on just about all ceiling surfaces which includes sheetrock, plaster, stucco in addition to popcorn ceilings.

If you are looking for something dramatic and eye-catching, nothing can beat

tin ceiling tiles

as artwork. On a plain wall, tin ceiling tiles in the material of your choice and pattern of your choice can be glued onto the wall with a simple glue gun to make a quick statement piece. The beauty of the tin

ceiling tiles

is you can mix and match the patterns, colours, and styles for an abstract art piece or repeat the pattern in a square. Just four tin ceiling tiles in a square would be spectacular. Try drawing out some random designs on paper to see what pattern would suit your room. If you have a dark colour on the wall, silver tiles look very well and on lighter walls, there are colours, bronzes, and golds to use. Let your imagination lead the way to make your ceiling tile artwork for walls.

Ceiling Tile Panels

Ceiling tile panels have many uses as partitions, backdrops, and screens. Deciding what you want a panel for it the first step to choosing a design. For example in an open plan room, you may wish to divide an area off for a computer space. A room divider screen can be made with

tin ceiling tiles

affixed on both sides for a stylish room divider that gives the computer user privacy and somewhere to work and study or, the room divider can be used to cordon off a quiet area or kids play area. There are so many

ceiling tile

designs to choose from to affix to your panels and you can tie in a colour theme or style theme with the variety on offer. Look at our video links to see how to build a ceiling tile panel. It is so simple and a real quick fix to dividing up space.

To make the panel is very easy to do and need not be complicated at all. It can be as simple as gluing the

tin ceiling tiles

of your choice onto a sheet of 4×8 plywood paneling then prop the finished article against a wall. Depending on your carpentry skills, you could mount the panel on a stand and even add wheels for easy maneuverability.  If you are feeling very handy, you could have three panels and hinge then together to make a three-sided space which adds intimacy if you want to create a quiet space with bean bags or sofas. Kids especially love to have a little den near parents yet in their own space. A great place to flop and read a book or nap – every home should have a quiet space and a ceiling tile divider does the job cheaply and quickly.

Ceiling Tile Mirror Surround

A great favourite and affordable yet spectacular feature is to take a plain mirror and affix it to a bathroom wall or any other wall and then put a frame of tin ceiling tiles around the outside. IT will look madly contemporary and modern or exotic and mysterious depending on the tiles you choose. For a hairdressing salon or just as a main feature over a fireplace in a room or in a hallway, this simple treatment is simply effective and is sure to be a talking point for visitors.

Ceiling Tile Fire Screen

Many open fireplaces are not used in the summer time and an empty grate sitting there looks quite ugly. Following the old tradition of a fireguard, a modern twist is to build a mini panel from plywood and decorate with tin

ceiling tiles

. Take a piece of plywood and using the same techniques as you did for the ceiling tile panels, glue your tin ceiling tiles of choice to the fireguard sized piece of plywood. Remember that some tin ceiling tiles can be easily cut with a simple pair of scissors so making to size is not a problem. Your fireguard will look beautiful during the summer months to hide an open fireplace.

Ceiling Tile Plant Holders

As was mentioned previously, some kinds of tin

ceiling tiles

can be cut with scissors. This gives great scope for covering large square planters or boxes for flowers and plants with tin ceiling tiles to make an extravagant piece to sit in a hallway or conservatory. You could quite easily make matching sets for plants that would look marvelous in any setting. The ceiling tile designs would lend themselves to planters for larger plants such as indoor palms. It is not advisable to use the tin ceiling tiles outdoors.

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As can be seen tin

ceiling tiles

are just not for ceilings and as a decorative item that can be used in many different ways on projects, they take a lot of beating. The results of your project far outweigh the cost and people will be amazed that a project you have done yourself did not cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. These few simple projects will get you started and you will no doubt think of many more. Think up a

ceiling tile project

today and enjoy being creative as you model and make different tin

ceiling tiles projects

. Good luck with your projects!

Send Your Retail Sales through the Roof with Great Stores Ceilings Ideas

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Retail Stores Dropped Ceilings Ideas

to Profit From

In today’s uncertain economy, it is increasingly becoming more important to make sure that every aspect of your store appeals to your customer and that doesn’t just mean the merchandise being sold.  From the carpeting or flooring to the fixtures -to the ceiling you install, the customer needs to feel like everything has been put there just for them.  Your retail store ceiling is actually a very important part of the shopping experience, as well as a great way to “sell” your stores image.  Have you ever been in a store that just seemed, well, like the merchandise, the lighting, the ambiance…everything just had that”wow” factor?  Most likely, without you even realizing it, that store Retail Stores Ceilings Ideasdid not have a plain white painted ceiling. The ceiling drapes the store décor and can make – or break – a store’s statement.

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Ceiling tiles

can also provide for the store owner a valuable function. Sound echoes that are not desired, moisture due to the outside environment – all of this can be controlled when choosing the right

ceilings tiles designs

.  How many times have you concentrated on and put more emphasis on what type of lighting fixtures to put on the ceiling?  Yet by neglecting the ceiling, you are missing out on creating a magnificent backdrop for the expensive lighting being chosen.  The right ceiling tiles can enhance and increase your investment in the store itself.  There are countless solutions to take care of any need for any type of retail store from clothing, jewelry and shoe stores – all the way to furniture stores…even pet stores ceilings should provide a function and pleasing aesthetic value for the consumer and the employees.


ceilings tiles

conform to fire and safety regulations, are easier to install than ever, and offer endless designs options for the business owner. If a store location’s interior architecture is out-of-date, ceiling tiles and panels offer an affordable design solution to renew the interior. What’s even more fantastic about ceiling tiles and panels is that the impressive design choices available today allow for installation on walls.  Think about how often stores use mirrors, wallpaper, or just plain paint on the walls.  By discovering the beauty, function and affordability of ceiling tiles, a store owner can profit more than he could ever realize.  Any store can use stylish tiles as a backsplash to designate their counter area. Back-splashes make great accents and can define small sections of a store economically.

Clothing Stores Ceilings Ideas

Clothing stores today are competing against each other in a battle for consumer dollars, loyalty, and brand recognition.  A clothing store can stand out from the crowd by making small investments in updating its look.

boring drop ceilings tiles

boring drop ceilings tiles

When it comes to

clothing stores ceilings designs ideas


, the sky’s the limit- you just need to know what message you are trying to convey. If you are updating an out-of-date, boring location, unique tiles can add flair and freshness to an existing store, or a store that is setting up shop in a new location.  For the store owner on a budget, white

Styrofoam tiles

can be an extremely economical way to update a painted ceiling or cover a popcorn ceiling that was more popular in the 1970’s.

Styrofoam ceilings tiles come in many designs, and are very inexpensive.  These ceilings tiles also help buffer sound, which is a quality many store owners want. The customer doesn’t get overwhelmed by noise upon entering.  Styrofoam tiles are also paint-able, so the color scheme selected for the store can be a part of the designed ceiling as well.

Classic tin ceilings tiles can also be a great economical ceiling design idea for a clothing store that appeals to a younger or more hip demographic. They are easy to install by one person and can provide illumination and interest in a darker or colorful store interior. Copper tiles can add warmth can provide a ceiling for a store that caters to organic and environmental demographics.

Furniture Stores Ceilings Ideas

Furniture stores tend to create an ambience of stepping into individual enclaves in order to showcase a look, feel,

ordinary drop ceiling

ordinary drop ceiling

and lifestyle for each furniture collection.  Furniture store ceiling ideas need to reflect the understanding that furniture is an important and sometimes expensive shopping decision for the consumer. Ceiling tiles or panels need to be able to convey a sense of privacy for the consumer as they relax on a recliner and contemplate whether or not the particular design they are looking at can fit comfortably into their lifestyle and their budget. Purchasing furniture is not an impulse buy for the consumer; it is thought over and discussed with another usually before any decision is made.

Styrofoam ceilings tiles

are an excellent choice

extraordinary drop ceiling tiles

extraordinary drop ceiling tiles

for their sound dampening quality as they allow for more privacy, especially in larger retail spaces.

As many furniture stores need larger locations to showcase their inventory, quite often these stores have pillars or wide columns spaced throughout for the support of the building. If you have pillars, what do you do with them besides paint them?  Crown molding can provide a rich design solution. Crown moldings can add an upscale yet homey feel to a large store with or without pillars.  Crown molding can be used along the walls. It can be plain or carved, it’s paint-able, and is lightweight and easy to install.  A simple crown molding can transform a store into a true showroom of elegance for furnishings.

Shoe Stores Ceilings Ideas

Shoe stores can benefit from tin and aluminum ceilings tiles.  A glimmer from above can enhance any shoe buyers

common drop ceiling tiles

common drop ceiling tiles

experience.  Surprisingly, by making your ceiling in a shoe store just appear more expensive, it can also make the shoes appear to be of a richer and better quality.  People are willing to spend more if the perceived value is greater.  A great idea would be to use

ceilings tiles

to separate departments from each other.  One suggestion would be to use a very shiny tile in an ornate design for a women’s shoe section

Uncommon drop ceilings tiles

and a faux leather design for the men’s shoe section.  Imagine this look in your store. Then, take each design tile and run a line of each one along your store’s perimeter, corresponding to each department, yet meeting at the center. It would tie in the theme of your choosing while giving that ease to the customer of simple direction.

Jewelry Stores Ceilings Ideas

bad ceiling idea

bad ceiling idea

Great ceiling Idea

Great ceiling Idea

Jewelry stores offer a unique perspective on how to use ceiling tiles and panels effectively to enhance the entire décor.  In a jewelry store, the emphasis is truly on the product. “All that glitters” is generally the theme. In this instance, it is best to scale back on the shine and action of some tiles, and opt instead for low key, sound insulating tiles that give an appearance of a quiet border to offset all  of that “bling”. When a customer walks into a jewelry store, they want to feel that the store is trustworthy and professional. An understated and low-key approach is best. When designing a jewelry store, it is suitable to use just a few medallion tiles on the wall to create a distinctive design intermittently along the walls. This gives a store a look that no other store has, yet would appeal to most consumers.

Boutiques Ceilings Ideas

ugly ceiling
In a boutique setting, specialness and quality tend to be the primary focus. A certain customer is coming into your store for a reason that’s already defined. Boutiques lend themselves to the best or the most creative of all design solutions for stores.  A store ceiling with shiny tiles that have cherubs cherubs ceilings tilesadorning them interlaced with smooth ones that are solid in design, or a tile that is ornately designed to be reminiscent of a wine country are all acceptable, and desired in a boutique environment. Create a

back-splash with a design of copper tiles

on the wall near comfy seating, and no one will want to leave!  Should your boutique have ceiling fans, utilizing 4 -6 tiles on the ceiling around the base can add a rich, finished look.  A truly decadent option to a boutique setting is using faux leather ceiling tiles, lending an entirely luxurious feel to the setting.

Pet Stores Ceilings IdeasFaux Leather Ceilings and Walls Tiles

Pet stores are a bit different in that they do not tend to require the luxury feel of leather tiles (depending on the store, of course!), but if you are updating an older store, Styrofoam or tin tiles can complete a look for you in a short period of time.  Ceilings tiles will lessen the unwanted sounds.  Drop ceilings are a great design idea for pet stores.  Pet stores have live, precious inventory that need to be cared for – even when the

owner and customers are not there. Your live inventory can be costly because the temperature in the store cannot be lowered to save money when you leave.  Did you know that a dropped ceiling can drastically reduce your heating simple retail store SOHO ceilings tilesbills?  Since heat rises, lowering your ceiling will assure that the heat you need to keep optimum temperatures for living creatures will not rise as high and costly dollars won’t “fly” out of your wallet. Ceilings tiles won’t absorb odors, and they won’t chip.  It’s a very small investment.  Drop ceilings come in many styles and compositions like aluminum and different tins.  They also can be painted.  Customers treat their pets as family and want to feel comfortable in any store when shopping for pets.  For the owner, a ceiling that generally softens a store may be useful.  Applying easy to clean tiles to the walls can provide a distinct look for a pet shop while maintaining the level of sanitation that is required in such an environment.

Now that your store is beautiful, you might want to invest in the much overlooked backrooms and stockrooms. That is a great place to save on your heating bills by dropping the ceilings slightly to conserve the heat efficiency in the rest of the store. One person installations of most

ceiling tile designs

makes it a “win –win” for store owners and adds value and pride to your business. A business is an investment in all areas – whether customers see it or your employees do.

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By realizing the expansive ways in which

ceiling tiles and panels

can be used so effectively for function and fashion, store owners can take

retail stores ceilings

ideas to new levels – and new heights!

The Ceiling Is Not The Limit With Unique Restaurants Ceilings Tiles Design Ideas

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Unique Restaurants Ceilings Tiles Designs Ideas

In an ever competitive market place it is important for restaurants to be aesthetically pleasing as well as offering good food and a memorable dining experience. This means as much attention must be paid to the appearance of the restaurant and its décor as to what is going on in the kitchen.  High quality food deserves to be served to customers in a high quality pleasing environment. Creating the right impact on your customers will keep themUnique Restaurant Ceiling Tiles Design Ideas returning to you time and again as well as recommending you to other people by word of mouth.

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Nothing looks worse than stained or

damaged ceilings tiles in a restaurant

and they can present an unpleasant picture for diners if they hold condensation, are water damaged or even showing signs of mould. These customers are left with an unfavourable impression and are unlikely to return. The dining room is your showcase and if it is looking old and in need of a make over, customers are quite likely to wonder what the kitchen looks like that is not on display! When wear and tear, staining and damage occur down the years it is inevitably from cooking oil fumes that permeate from the kitchens and other pollutants (although smoking in restaurants is banned pretty much worldwide these days). Air conditioning and heating all play their part in this process of deterioration.

Out of date and shabby décor is off putting to diners however good the food is. It is important to keep your

restaurants décor


as fresh as the food on your menu. Whether it is to liven up the look of your dining room or completely re-model your restaurant there are many restaurants ceilings tiles ideas that can dramatically change the ambience of your restaurant and give a new look. Ceiling tiles are cost effective and conform to health and safety requirements in respect of fire safety, hygiene and practicality. If you use single ceiling tile options, any damaged tiles can be replaced easily without disruption to your business. Depending on your existing ceiling décor, replica tiles can be custom made to be installed over the old ones which is ideal for older buildings with period features. New tiles can simply be nailed or glued over the existing ceiling that is in place or a simple grid system can be installed and panels of tiles can be dropped in to form a feature ceiling.

Ceilings tiles for restaurants


are simple to fit and can be done by anyone with basic DIY skills making them ideal for the one restaurant owner looking for a speedy make over for the business.

Ceilings tiles are made in many different materials and a multitude of designs so you can choose according to your project budget or go all out to re-create a period setting with molded tiles and interesting textures. Amongst the most popular materials, tin ceiling tiles are popular because of their versatility and because they last, but ceiling tiles are made from many other materials. Polyurethane and Styrofoam are also popular choices. These materials can be utilized for beautiful cornices, mouldings and other decorative features to complement your ceiling tiles. Clever design sometimes results in decorative ceiling tiles ideas that see the tiles used in wall art and other artistic features giving an extra dimension to your décor.

Of course we also need to consider our

kitchen area ceiling tiles

and while we are making over the dining room, it can be cost-effective to replace the kitchen ceiling tiles as well. There are ceiling tiles designed specifically for this purpose that are rugged, durable, hard-wearing and resistant to moisture. Ceiling tiles of this type are often made of PVC making them washable and easy to maintain for health and safety purposes. For restaurant owners on a budget, this can save money on commercial cleaning as the tiles can be wiped in the weekly clean down by the kitchen staff.

Panels ceilings are another option especially if you have an existing suspended ceilings that you wish to cover up and these can be economical and quick to install for a fast makeover.  The tiles or panels are simply dropped in to a grid system that blends in with the overall look. Once again, the array of products and designs available in ceilings tiles enables a sharp and interior designed look whatever the theme of your restaurants.

Steakhouses ceilings ideas for restaurants


Steakhouses restaurants are a great favourite with diners and traditional decor or western-themed tends to be the order of the day. Steakhouses ceilings ideas for restaurants of this type depend on whether you are seeking a traditional look for your steakhouse. Molded tin ceiling tiles are an excellent choice and can be used to make the Steakhouse ceiling ideas for restaurantsdécor reminiscent of an old turn of the century city chop house offering a period look you’re your customers will love. Using rich bronze colors and authentic replicas of old tile designs will ensure you have a visual impact to stun your diners. Combined with some hard wood paneling and fine linen table cloths this would be a sophisticated look hard to beat.  If you are heading down a Texan or Western themed look then your steakhouse restaurant ceiling tile ideas are likely to be more fun loving with splashes of colour and some “yee ha” thrown in.  A more informal fun look can be achieved using some of the fabulous wooden ceiling tiles or panels in blonde or dark wood. Whether real wood veneer or faux, this kind of ceiling will give a real western feel especially if western-themed objects such as Navajo blankets, coiled ropes and cowboy hats are hung from the ceiling.

Pizza Parlors ceilings tiles

Pizza Parlors ceiling tile ideas need to blend the practical with the informal. By nature a pizza parlour is likely to have a faster turn around of tables than some other kinds of restaurants and be open for longer hours so the ceilingPizza Parlor ceiling tiles tiles will need to be hard wearing and easy to maintain. In this case it may be better to go for individual tiles so that single tiles can be replaced if necessary with minimal disruption to the business.  White or blue ceiling tiles will give a clean line to your eatery combined with white walls and modern furniture with a slick open kitchen or you may decide to re create Naples where pizza was first invented and have washing lines strung across your ceiling with some interesting garments hung up, perhaps some stripy T-shirts or even comical bloomers to keep the customers amused and checking out your great ceiling.

Mexican Restaurants Ceilings Tiles Designs

Maybe Mexican is more your style? This sort of restaurant really relies on looking good to create the right atmosphere. While diners are waiting for a table or drinking tequila at the bar, the décor should make them feel Mexican Restaurant Ceiling Tiles Designlike they are in Mexico. This is quickly spoilt by dirty or poor quality ceiling tiles. Your ceiling should be making a statement because, yes, people do look up! Something like a faux tin patterned ceiling just creates the right impression and sets up your customers for a positive experience. They already feel in the mood for Mexican and the actual food is the icing (or sombrero?) on the cake.

Italian restaurants ceilings tiles

Classical Italian cuisine deserves an appreciative environment for the dining room and your food can be set off by some creative Italian restaurants ceilings tiles ideas. If your restaurant theme is classical Italian, a touch Italian restaurant ceiling tilesFlorentine perhaps with terracotta and marble featured, ceiling tiles with a stucco effect are very striking or you can choose a tile series that creates a mural on the ceiling to re-create a painted ceiling a la Sistine Chapel! Styrofoam mouldings are very effective in a classically themed restaurant be painted over and artistically enhanced using different paint effects. Many Italian restaurants avoid a classical look and concentrate on being highly stylized and contemporary bringing the best of Italian design to the restaurant and no detail is left to chance. Ceiling tile choices for restaurants of this type helpfully come in slick, edgy designs to give the effect of a leather ceiling for example or metal which gives plenty of scope to you or your interior designer.

Chinese restaurants Ceilings Designs

We are used to Chinese restaurants being predominantly red and black representing the lacquer work that is so popular in Chinese culture. There tends to be a lot of symbolic décor accessories and strong attention is paid to Chinese restaurants Ceiling tilestraditional culture. Chinoiserie at its best features quite ornate patterned china vases, usually replica from the varying Chinese dynasties and these almost architectural features within a restaurant can be enhanced by some Chinese restaurant ceiling tiles ideas that include black or red plain ceiling tiles, tiles embossed with Chinese symbols or ceiling tiles enhanced with gold highlighting. A plainer ceiling often looks well with the amount of decorative features and paintings normally present in the average Chinese restaurant.

French restaurants ceilings tiles

French restaurants may be grand design, rustic bistro or café bars. French restaurants ceilings tiles ideas therefore offer a great variety of choice and with a grand sophisticated haute cuisine restaurant, we are likely to be looking French restaurant ceiling tilesat highly decorative tin tiles embossed or paneled in a replica design either single or of the drop in panel grid variety to give the best effect to provide a visual feast for your customers as well as the one on their table. Cornices and mouldings are to the fore again with the Styrofoam providing many classical designs that can be used in conjunction with the ceiling tiles. Rustic bistros and café bars lend themselves to a wooden ceiling tile type or even a plain ceiling tile in a mono colour. The benefit of a plain tile is they can be painted over and refreshed which is cost saving.

Japanese restaurants creative ceilings tiles ideas

Japanese design is very minimalist featuring quite stark lines using a lot of natural fibres. Paper is one material Japanese restaurant creative ceiling tiles ideaswhich is used a lot in Japanese design so some Japanese restaurants creative tiles ideas could include ceiling tiles that look like paper possibly drop in panels in a composite material that could be backlit. White tiles with a black grid system would supply the minimalist look which could further be enhanced by using the tiles on the walls as well providing a neutral interior that could then be co-coordinated with colour accents in vivid or pastel colors.

When looking at replacing ceilings tiles in your restaurants, be sure not to overlook the foyer or cloakrooms. The foyer is likely to be the first impression you make on your customers and a ceiling with impact will add to the atmosphere and become a talking point while they wait to be seated. Any public areas plus restrooms can use ceiling tiles to make an impact. You can rest assured that modern restaurant ceiling tiles not only out perform decorative expectations but are also safe and conform to legislation for fire and health safety as well as being low maintenance and cost effective. They can disguise less than perfect building structures or provide a focal point in a dining room when you are decorating on a budget.

Aluminum Ceiling Tiles Installed In Restaurant in Tokyo

Aluminum Ceiling Tiles Installed In Restaurant in Tokyo

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The variety of designs and materials means there is a

restaurants ceilings tiles solutions


for everyone.

How to Find the Best Painting Contractors in Dublin

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If you are looking for a Painters Dublin, you have come to the right place. This article will definitely help you find the best possible painting contractors in the Dublin area. Painting jobs vary. There are painting jobs which are quite large and painting jobs which can be finished by one person in just half a day. Whatever your needs are, it is important that you find a painter who is the best person for the job.

So, what are the most important things to be considered when you need to find a painting contractor who is capable of providing you nothing but the best results? First and foremost, it is a must that you choose a painting contractor who specializes in the type of painting you need. If you want your home painted, you should look for a home painter. Painting is not as simple as everyone thinks, it requires knowledge and experience. A contractor who is familiar with the task at hand is the best one to have on your team.

If a painter Dublin has done excellent work in the past, he will be getting a lot of praises from his former customers. This will make the search a lot easier for you. How? All you need to do is search for painters online and read reviews and feedback about that painter. Pick at least three painters and use the Internet to find out more information about them. This might take some time but your efforts will be paid off handsomely in the end when you get the right man for the job.

How about the price? Price is a very big consideration for a lot of people but you must never sacrifice quality for the price. You must create a list of all the things you want the painter to do and give it to the painter so that he can give you a quote. Compare the quotes from the three contractors. If all contractors offer the same level of work, the next wisest thing to do is to choose the painter who gives you the cheapest price.

The service says a lot about the painter. If the painter is very easy to be reached, attentive to your needs and presents himself well, you may have just found the best painter in Dublin. Painting is a big investment and you surely would not want to waste your money. You would not want to spend your hard-earned dollars on someone who is not up to the task. Hiring another painter to redo what another painter has done is not only costly; it will also give you a huge headache.

Hiring the right painter for the job makes a lot of difference on how your house or office will appear. It can make your office more welcoming and your home warmer. It can give your room just the right amount of pizzazz it needs. Painting does a lot of wonders to a space or a room and it is only proper that you utilize it well.

New York Central Park Terrace Tin Ceiling Tiles Restoration

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Taking Inspiration from a New York Central Park Terrace Ceiling Restoration

We came across this fascinating story in the New York Times and it demonstrates the importance of the restoration of original ceiling tiles and also demonstrates that the interest in the original tin ceiling tiles in older American buildings is here to stay. This is why so many people are now turning to ceiling tiles for ceilings in homes, commercial premises, retail outlets and entertainment venues. Modern day

reproduction tin ceiling tiles

will look just as good as the originals but at a fraction of the cost.

metal ceiling tiles duplicatesTin Ceiling Tiles D’vine Cherub
replacements for armstrong ceiling tiles
Custom drop

ceiling tiles

and tin ceiling tiles


Custom Replica of an actual tin ceiling tile

is one of the many we have done in the past. We specialize in metal ceiling tiles duplicates.

“Almost 40 years ago, Robert Makla took a tour of Central Park with Henry Hope Reed, the architectural historian, and caught his first glimpse of the 19th-century tiles that adorned the ceiling of the Bethesda Terrace Arcade at 72d Street. ”I was overwhelmed that anything could be so splendid,” he said.

Since 1983, when the ceiling was dismantled because of structural instability, Mr. Makla has made it his goal to see them restored. Now, during the last week, he has been making the rounds of community boards in Manhattan to announce that the restoration is finally under way.

Peter S. Champe, director of conservation and sculpture for the Central Park Conservancy, which is doing the work, said: ”Restoring the tiles is one of the most important final phases of completing the restoration begun by the conservancy in the 1980’s. The Bethesda Terrace is really the architectural heart of Central Park.”

Two years ago, the conservancy received $100,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts and the J. Paul Getty Trust, and this spring it put back two panels to determine the cost of restoring the whole ceiling. Mr. Champe estimates that it will cost $1.5 million to $2 million to install the remaining 47 panels, part of a $5 million plan to renovate the terrace. Now, with the cost known, the conservancy is pushing ahead with fund-raising and is confident that the balance of the


will soon be on its way.

”We are hopeful that it will be coming into place in the next six months,” said Lennox Hannan, the conservancy’s manager of foundation and government relations.

The ceiling, which is part of the original design of Central Park, was first installed in 1867. There are nearly 16,000 tiles, weighing about 50 tons and handcrafted in Stoke-on-Trent, England.  ”There is no comparable use of tiles in a ceiling structure such as this anywhere that we know of,” Mr. Champe said.  The panels were held together by a lattice of gilded cast-iron beams. The ceiling was not just ornamental; its cream-colored surfaces reflected light into the tunnel to brighten the otherwise gloomy passageway.

In 1983, however, the city repaved the road above the terrace, and water began leaking through the arcade. The structure holding the panels rusted, and the tiles were removed so they would not fall on someone’s head, Mr. Champe said.  ”It was my fear that when they took them out they would just throw them away,” said Mr. Makla, a member of Friends of Central Park.  Mr. Champe said the conservancy had always intended to reinstall them.  ”It was really a matter of funding and timing, he said”

metal ceiling tiles duplicates
Tin Ceiling Tiles Guardian Cherub

No doubt these are

extraordinary ceiling tiles

of great historical significance, but for the rest of us, we can use

tin ceiling tiles

and faux ceiling tiles to decorate our own mansions and businesses with some beautiful

historic reproduction tiles

that will take us back to an age of incredibly precise engineering and design. If you want an authentic 19th century ceiling in your premises look no further and look at the large variety of

ceiling tiles

that can be used to re-create an era. With burnished shades of gold. silver, bronze, pewter and copper, your own premises can look like a grand Central Park terrace. It will not cost you anywhere near two million dollars!

Home Staging- Beyond Decorating And Cleaning!

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Staging is like creating illusions and assuring the potential buyers that your house is no less than their dream house. It’s about preparing the house to increase its market value in real estate market. By doing this you can make your house look brighter, bigger, cleaner and even more beautiful.

Though it is the most cost effective method to increase the market value of the house but it requires high level of creativity, so that you can create the best possible illusion.

How professional home stagers work?

Stagers are top level highly skilled artists who can paint a beautiful portrait without even touching the brush. They are gifted with extreme levels of creativity; they dress your house so well that it appeals to every sense.  They work very intelligently by adding such attractive features into your house for which the buyers were longing since ever.  Their work is to give stunning appearance to your house in a very cost effective ways by using very cheap materials like plants, flowers, cushions, mirrors etc.

Can you manage DIY home staging?

It is not a rocket science but requires a good level of creativity. Even you can give your home an attractive appearance by avoiding the over head expenses of professionals. Let’s learn how:

  • Clean it up: Cleaning will give your house a sparkling appearance, the foremost thing desired by the buyers. It will take a bit of extra time but will surely pay you off. Use room fresheners after cleaning the house to increase the duration of freshness.
  • Increase space: Always make the house less cluttered and more spatial because it gives long leave long lasting impression than disorganized homes. Thus, remove unwanted items and give your people some space to walk around.
  • Renovations: You can go for some of the minor repairs like replace old sinks, polish bathroom tiles and replace a dirty shower doors. Before presenting your house to the buyers invest in a few repairs.
  • Dress it up well: Well, house is not a book and buyers judge it by its cover so decorate the exteriors in a presentable manner. Use innovative ways to plant creepers, bougainvilleas or place that wooden bench in front of your yard. Give your house the most comfortable appearance.
  • Avoid using biased colors: Never use biased colors like pink or grey; colors that are gender specific can decrease the value of your house. So, try and use neutral colors as they will not restrict the potential buyers.
  • Decorate the interiors too: Don’t spend much of money here just make a little changes as per the recent trends. Like if you have a fireplace then change its color with a little coat of paint, polish the bricks to make them look new and you may use a stone enhancer if it’s made of stones. In no time you’ll find it the hottest commodity of your house.

Renowned retailers and interior designers swear by the fact that home staging has improved the market values of houses big time. Take time to go through the above lineups and make difference to your house.

Author Bio:

Rony Mikal is a blogger and freelance writer. He writes extensively on topics related to environmental issues, business, moving, Storage warehouse London. Apart from writing, Rony takes keen interest in traveling and photography. He is an avid traveler and spends quality time with family and friends.

a home improvement blog carnival – August 18, 2012

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Be a guest blogger here!

Welcome to the August 18, 2012 edition of a home improvement carnival.

home improvement

Carrie Dotson presents How to Keep Baby Cool in the Summer Without AC posted at Summer Nanny Jobs, saying, “Staying cool during the summer isn’t just a desire for babies, it’s a necessity. Babies who become overheated can suffer terrible consequences, ranging from heat exhaustion to heatstroke.”

Sara Dawkins presents 30 Blogs for Creating a Safe Sleep Environment posted at nannypro, saying, “New parents like to think of their baby’s nursery as her safe haven, and that her sleep will always be peaceful and free from danger. This is, however, not always the case.”

Astrid Lee presents Rebalance the Energy of a Room with Reiki Spaceclearing posted at We Are One World Healing, saying, “Sometimes home improvement does not involve a hammer and a nail. Ever had a restaurant where customers came in and walked straight back out without a ‘reason why’? Ever not used a room in your home? These are situations where energy space clearing can make a difference in your home enjoyment, ambiance as well as your business bottom line. One of the easiest things to do for re-balancing your environment and making it feel like new.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of a home improvement carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Great Ceiling Ideas for Odd Shaped Rooms

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Many times there are rooms that do not fit the standard rectangle shape. Sometimes finding a great design for an angular or circular room is quite a challenge. There are some really fun things you can do with an oddly shaped room however, if you just take some time to think about it. Here are some examples of different things you can do with a triangular or circular room:

Make it cozy – Taking a round space and turning it into a great place to read or relax is one idea that can really be a hit. The round shape already gives a sense of peace to the room and billowing curtains add to the effect.

Use the space – A curved and pointed ceiling could be a waste of space or an opportunity to impress. By using the space in a creative and fun way, the room has more usable area and is also a design stunner!

Add a bookcase – Another great way to use unusable place in very angled rooms is to create a one of a kind bookcase. This allows for storage as well as a design flare.

Make it soft – Another great idea, especially for a small space or bedroom area that is sharply angled, is to soften the angle with material. Sheer curtains and fluffy stuff in light colors is sure to open up the room and hide the harshness of the point.

Keep it stark – If you would rather emphasize the angle then hide it, then using plain wood and really making it a part of the design is a good idea. This image shows what some wood flooring and a small balcony can do to use a sharp angle.

Create ambiance – Lighting and texturing the walls and ceiling is a great way to create the mood you are going for despite the angle of the room. The attic space looks much more inviting with just simple lights and antiqued walls.

Go modern – This image from Luik-Guillemins Station, Belgium shows what modern architecture and design can do with a cramped and angled space. Turning this corner of the station into an inviting corridor was no small feat, and the open design allows passengers to feel comfortable instead of claustrophobic.

Use the shape as a design element – This round area in the MIT Chapel designed by Eero Saarinen is accented by a waterfall metal sculpture by Harry Bertoia that shimmers in the sunlight reflecting and distributing light into the interior of the chapel. Not only does the sculpture accent the shape of the room, but also gives definition to an otherwise unnoticeable feature.

Author Bio:

Paul and his wife Julie both spend quite a bit of time coming up with ideas, blogging, and researching all things related to childcare. They take care of all the necessary information related to “”. He personally thinks his blog will help finding information on all things related to a babysitter.

How to make a big room feel cozy

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Whether moving into a new house or sprucing up the one you have been in for years, you might find that there is a room or two in your home that feels too big. Of course, as far as home decor challenges go, this is not a bad problem to have. Having a big room is a great way to use your home as a destination for entertainment for your friends, to be able to offer yourself as a host for a fundraiser, or just to spend time with your family. Whatever you want to use your space for, there are plenty of ways to make a large room feel cozier.

Paint the walls the right color. It’s a known old trick that to make a small room feel big, just paint the walls a light color. The opposite holds true for making a big room feel smaller. Use warm, deep, dark colors to absorb light. If going the wallpaper route, choose a dark print. And there is no reason to neglect the ceiling – paint it a dark color as well (though not the same as the walls) to enclose the space. This is especially helpful if you have high ceilings.

Use dark tones in your furnishings as well. Pick colors that coordinate with the wall and ceiling and that make you feel like luxuriating and stretching out. You can also use throw pillows in dark colors.

While we’re discussing furniture, think about the size of the pieces you use. If you’re moving from an old home into a new home, you might be tempted to use all the old furniture. But a big room needs larger pieces. A big, sectional sofa that curls around the room is one good idea, as is a chaise lounger that will offset it.

Feel free to group the furniture in different areas of the room to almost create separate mini-rooms within the larger space. For example, you can place a loveseat to face the fireplace, with a sectional rug setting it off, and then set some chairs on the side for another little spot. Bookcases and screens make for great dividers, and if you have the money to spend, you can also build a half wall to achieve a more permanent effect.

Accessorize the room with more warm, dark colors, and try to incorporate textured elements when possible. A velvet throw to drape on the couch, or some dark wooden bookshelves along the wall will continue to make the room feel a little cozier. Avoid mirrors as they will make the room feel bigger.

Add large plants around the walls and avoid too many small knick knacks. Plants not only liven a room by bringing in a natural element, they also are a good way to use up some extra space. Go with large sized ones that appear more like miniature trees than potted plants. This is relatively inexpensive and can be done easily and quickly with a hop over to your local nursery.

About the Author: Danielle Samuels reviews interior decorators in Evanston, IL. In her free time, she’s cozy in her bed watching movies.

A Historic Hotel Renovation Project with Tin Ceiling Tiles

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Historic Hotel Renovation Project

Click Here to viewHistoric Hotel Renovation Project with Tin Ceiling Tiles  affordable ceiling tiles ideas…

Renovating a

small hotel

is not a job for the faint hearted. It takes a great deal of faith and courage to tackle years of neglect,

botched remodeling

and damage. When Claudia Green first saw the Halfway Hotel, she fell immediately in love with it. From the outside, although shabby, it represented an old style colonial feel and the sun-faded paintwork gave it a sense of permanence.

Restoring an old hotel can make good business sense. Not only can it cost less to restore than to start from scratch, but

historic properties

add to this the value of a market niche. Almost everyone is pleased when an old building is restored for continued use and economic viability. For a single developer like Claudia, it is often easier to find building permits, financing, and other kinds of community support easier to obtain than with new construction, especially in an overbuilt market. There are some problems inherent in

old hotels

, from small guest rooms and a lack of meeting space to antiquated plumbing and wiring. But the disadvantages are often offset by beautiful craftsmanship, solid materials, a good location, and a distinctive, if personality structure.

On the ground floor, the ceiling had been extensively water damaged and most of the wonderful original decorated

tin ceiling tiles

were beyond salvage. The original floors seemed to be in good shape although the smell of the musty carpets and some signs of rot were present, again from water damage.

Like a lot of beautiful

historic buildings

, the 1950s had seen an effort to modernize the premises and doors, walls and ceilings were covered up to give the flat modern look that was in vogue. Removing these false ceilings and panels were to reveal some fantastic original features but also some more damage. The cellar of the building was ripe for a makeover into a practical storage space for hotel supplies and staff changing area and cloakroom.

Claudia took her research seriously and discovered that in the mid-19th century,

tin ceilings

were innovative, middle class America’s response to the

decorative plaster ceilings

of wealthy Europeans. Easy to mass produce, light, detailed, and superior to plaster in many ways, these panels of embossed metal covered countless ceilings of houses, hotels, and businesses. In the late 1900s, interest in

tin ceilings

was piqued with the popularity of renovation architecture, resulting in modern reproductions of pressed tin.

Decorative plaster ceilings were beautiful but not very practical. They were time intensive to mold, heavy to ship, and difficult to apply to the wet expanse of an unfinished ceiling. The advent of 2′ x 2′ (60 x 60 cm)

tin panels

, impressed with a relief design, meant easier installation, finer detail, and less expense. Aluminum, stainless steel and copper sheets of metal absorb sound, retard fire, resist moisture and mildew, and last longer than plaster or drywall. They can be nailed into wood in easy to handle squares. The panels can form a border, outline moldings or centre a ceiling medallion .

After the peak of the

tin ceiling

trend in the 1890s, later generations covered the ornamentation with drywall or d

rop-ceiling acoustic tiles

. Therefore, when restoration experts began returning homes to their pre-turn-of-the-century grandeur, they uncovered preserved tin. Perhaps it has to be mended, stripped, or repainted, but it withstands the passage of time very well. Some homeowners scavenge and restore original tin from commercial buildings to install at home if their ceiling was damaged beyond repair, but Claudia knew that with the budget she had at her disposal she would need to buy

modern reproduction ceiling tiles

, some in tin and some in faux tin for the not so public areas.

Claudia’s first renovation project was the hotel lobby area, the first impression people would get of the hotel. She knew when most people register as guests they rarely bother to notice the space around them and she needed that to change so there was impact from the beginning of a guest visit. She turned to specialists in the area of

ceiling tiles

and they were able to advise her on the most suitable product for the project. The ceiling was repaired by the builders and then a

grid system with drop in ceiling panels

was used. These panel ceilings were an economical choice and were quick to install. The embossed bronze panels were simply dropped in to a grid system.

This ceiling opened up the whole lobby space and with the large windows at the entrance was light and airy, creating a welcoming environment. It was a pleasant space and somewhere to linger in the squashy sofas and chairs that were to complete the finished look. Claudia was surprised at the array of products and designs available in

ceiling tiles

that enabled her to create a sharp and interior designed look while maintaining the historic authenticity of the building.

Because travellers’ expectations and needs change over time, any

renovation of a historic building

has to address the issue of flexibility and accommodating modern facilities. Because the Halfway Hotel was so small and she wanted to retain the authenticity, Claudia added Wi-Fi, telephones and TVs in each of the twenty rooms but discretely with reproduction telephone handsets and small TV’s inside cabinets.

Knowing that one of several problems associated with old buildings is noise; Claudia had to consider bringing up to date soundproofing to the hotel but on a budget. She could not afford to rip down walls and add sound proofing and had to make do with the walls she had. This opened up the use of

decorative ceiling tiles

in ways she had not imagined. By harnessing the sound proofing qualities of ceiling tiles she had an answer by using ceiling tiles as a decorative effect on walls that also provided the sound proofing she needed for guest satisfaction. One wall in each of the guest bedrooms was decorated with ceiling tiles, in keeping with the theme of each room.

The bedrooms had a stunning back drop behind the bed in the room of

ceiling tiles

. She used a hammered silver effect in some rooms which not only reflected light in the smaller rooms but was a neutral background to allow a mauve and yellow colour scheme with dashes of verdant green. This represented the first of her seasonal themed rooms with a springtime theme. The ceiling tiles were somehow in keeping with the old fashioned feel and worked extremely well.

In the next set of four guest rooms she opted for a wall of

gold embossed ceiling tiles

that opened up the room and gave the look of summer sunshine. She furthered this summer theme with soft furnishings and a colour scheme of cornflower blue for sea and sky, golden sand and white with splashes of navy.

The autumn themed room had a

ceiling tile wall of bronze

to represent the colour of falling leaves and the vibrant maple coloured reds and oranges with accents of brown and yellow completed the look in these rooms.

The winter theme was a difficult one as Claudia did not want the room to feel cold or icy so she chose

white tin ceiling tiles

for the wall behind the beds and a colour theme of burgundy (for mulled wine), pale blue (for ice) and shocking pink ( for a wool scarf and hat) to complete the winter theme.

The dining room renovation had the objective of being a casual family friendly space but retaining the old fashioned homely feel. The room would be used for breakfast in the morning and casual dining in the evenings so it needed to be stylish but less formal. With hardwood floors and a floral patterned ceiling tile painted dusky pink, the whole room is one of genteel ambiance, space and beauty with a slightly shabby chic effect with mismatched old colonial style furnishings and drapes. The overall effect is stunning however and the

light coloured ceiling tiles

lift the whole space.

The kitchen was quite a project but eventually second hand kitchen appliances were found and the same

ceiling tile supplier

was able to supply ceiling tiles specifically for this purpose that are rugged, durable, hard-wearing and resistant to moisture. These

ceiling tiles

were vinyl coated making them washable and easy to maintain for health and safety purposes. This was money saving option as the kitchen staff in their clean down processes can maintain the tiles easily and efficiently.

Click here to see our Ceiling Tiles inventory

When Claudia was asked what was the most simple part of the renovation she was keen to point out that

ceiling tiles

had played a significant part in the renovations. Not only were they affordable but they

restored the ceilings

in the old building to its former glory. The adaptability and versatility of ceiling tiles and the vast number of designs, meant she was able to use them for wall covering, highlighting areas, back splashes in bathrooms in public areas and to build texture and contrast in her designs.

Custom Wallpaper: Reinventing Businesses

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Owning your own business is a competitive field, with hundreds of new competitors opening up every day. And since business growth is back on the upswing, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead. The advent of the internet and social media means there’s more ways to stay visible than ever before. But these new and trending mediums can at times eclipse the old tried and true traditional methods of successfully generating and maintaining customers. So, while you should be embracing new technology and great marketing sources, don’t forget to keep your business itself up to date and running properly.

One great way you can increase your business’s presence is to reinvent it with custom wallpaper. Using custom wallpaper to create a unique feel and atmosphere to your business is an amazing way to increase visibility and memorability. Here is a quick list of some benefits of using custom wallpaper to help create that look your business is missing.

Custom Wallpaper:

Adds to the Atmosphere

Custom wallpaper can really add to the atmosphere of a business. Whether you’re a small restaurant, a large retailer, or a corporate office custom wallpaper can help create a better atmosphere. This is a huge benefit for any business, because it is a real portion of a business’s overall ‘feel’. It can increase employee morale, your business’s memorability, and the overall presence of your physical location, which is no mean feat.

Is Customized

Although it seems obvious, this bears mentioning. Custom wallpaper, by very definition, is customized. This means that you get to choose specifically how you want the most eye catching piece of your physical business to look. This is a huge benefit over typical business décor because it gives you such a range of options.

Adds Personality

Personality is similar to customization and atmosphere, but more tangible. Personality is an important aspect of any business. It is a part of their brand, and is what the customer thinks of when they think of a specific business. Custom wallpaper is a great way to help your company define its personality a little better. This is important for standing apart from the competition and adding a little character to your store.

Helps Memorability

Memorability is a huge part of customer retention. Sometimes it’s not enough to offer a great product or service, although that is a key part. There needs to be something that sticks in the customer’s mind so that the details of your business stand apart in their mind. This is a very hard goal to accomplish in today’s plethora of businesses and marketing.

Increases Marketability

Custom wallpaper, because it’s a great way to be remembered, can be a marketing tool. By including it in any ad you help people associate something easy to remember with your business, helping improve your marketing. Also, it can improve your word of mouth because it will naturally make your business easier to describe.


Custom wallpaper not only increases the durability of your business in customers’ minds, it also has the added benefit of durability as a wall furnishing. Often custom wallpaper is made of vinyl, which is water (and somewhat stain) proof, and can last up to 20 years if protected properly. This is a substantial difference over paint, which has to be redone as often as every three or four years.

Covers unsightly walls

Another physical benefit of custom wallpaper (and wallpaper in general) is that it can cover an unsightly part of the wall that paint can’t. So, instead of doing expensive repairs, it’s possible to cover an unseemly section of wall.

Has a Variety of Options

There are a variety of options when choosing custom wallpaper, outside of what you want it to look like. You can create a fabulous mural, an entire landscape covering a wall, or an exotic locale in a small corner. This flexibility allows you to create what you want, in the size you want it. It’s entirely possible to get the full benefits of custom wallpaper in a reasonably sized mural that is extremely visible within your business.

Custom wallpaper is a great instrument of change within your business. It can add personality, atmosphere, morale, and durability within your store. It also helps promote memorability with your customer base, and can be a strong marketing tool. It’s a great way to update your décor and cover plain or unsightly walls, and it’s quick to apply. It can be the catalyst to reinventing your business, and should be considered when doing store renovation.

large format printing


Author Bio: Chris Garrett is a large format printing expert and online publisher for the customized wallpaper expert He frequently blogs on the topics of design and printing.

Feng Shui for Your Patio

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The patio is where you can enjoy and reconnect with nature, even though you are surrounded by comforts normally found indoors. It could be a personal, intimate sanctuary or a place to gather your friends or guests. Applying Feng Shui to your patio enables a balance of energies traveling in and out of your space.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice where certain materials and colors are oriented in specific directions and angles. When done properly, all these elements will provide a harmonic flow of energy called “chi”. A healthy flow of chi can bring you fortune, tranquility of the mind, and could be a magnet that attracts positive energy.


Here are a few tips to implement this ancient practice to your patio renovation.

  • 1.     Know basic Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is about reconnecting man and nature; it balances dark and light energies. In this practice, there is a Yin and there is a Yang.


Yin energy promotes rest, tranquility, and femininity. Yang energy represents vigor, excitement, and masculinity. Having the perfect balance between these two elements will allow neutral and positive energies to flow, while repelling negative vibrations within your home.


Feng Shui requires the presence of all life’s elements. These are Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal.

Small details such as the placement of furniture and decorations affect the fluidity of energies traveling in and out of your patio.

  • 2.     Add Yin and Yang decorations according to your patio’s size and use.

The space your patio will take up is important in implementing Feng Shui. Patios can either be spacious or intimate. If you are planning to use this area as a venue for crowds, Yang decorations must be used. However, if you are planning to use it as a personal and/or an intimate space, Yin decorations must be used.


Whichever of these two you choose, you need to keep in mind the following tips:


  • If you are planning to make your patio spacious, keep your landscape layout wide and curvaceous, in order to give this area a sense of abundant space. Abundant space and Yang decorations go together very well.


Yang decorations are basically alive and vibrant with energy. Examples of Yang decorations are potted plants and vibrant colors (e.g. bright red). If you want to utilize your patio for brainstorming sessions, Yang decorations are a must, because these objects attract revitalizing, bright energy.


  • If you are planning to keep your patio intimate or only for a small group of people, implement a design scheme of Yin decorations to your layout.


Yin decorations are objects that promote rest. Wooden pieces of furniture are Yin décor, while potted plants are Yang decors. Dark colors, such as navy blue, are considered Yin décors. A fountain or any kind of flowing water is also considered as Yin, since this amplifies the energies and vibrations emitted by wood.

  • 3.     Implementing the elements in your decorating scheme.

An ideal Feng Shui scheme would be a complete presence of all elements in life. Take for instance the following examples:


  • If you have a fire pit in your patio, you now have three elements in one object: metal as the fire pit enclosure, wood as fuel, and fire. Owning a potted plant gives you two elements in one object: earth as the pot and soil; wood as the plant.
  • Having a fountain or a pool near your patio amplifies all your wooden elements.
  • All chairs should not be aligned straight but pointed at 45- or 90-degree angles, in order to avoid a confronting or an aggressive gesture amongst seated guests. By following this chair position, conversations are easier, thereby letting positive energy flow.


With these Feng Shui guidelines for your patio, your personal sanctuary or party place will surely yield positive energy and vibrations. Always keep a balance between Yin and Yang decorations to let good chi come in your home.

Author Bio:

Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook, an excellent source of information and reviews about outdoor and patio furniture.

Ceiling Tiles in a Home Theater – Good Looks and Soundproofing for Your Media Room Too

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Ceiling Tiles in a Home Theater

As home entertainment technology becomes more sophisticated and less expensive consumers are

renovating basements

, spare rooms, and garages into spectacular

home theaters

. This can be an ambitious do-it-yourself project or can involve contractors. The main concern with the project is getting the right sound from the equipment under different circumstances. The acoustics are extremely important and the right combination of ceiling tiles, walls, furnishings can make or break the success of a home theatre system.

The purpose of your home theater or media room is to replicate the cinema experience and the soundproofing and the sound should be considered. There are some fairly complex calculations to evaluate resonance frequencies from the actual room dimensions, which should be calculated by your equipment supplier to get the best results for your sound. The room fixtures and fittings, wall thickness ceiling type and floor coverings all play a pat in the sound that is heard.
Ceiling Tiles in a Home TheaterA standard home theater is likely to have a carpeted floor with some cinema style seating, plush armchairs and sofas plus a human audience! All of these separate parts do a significant amount to lessen the reverberations and echo from a surround sound system. For this reason, many people like to go with a ceiling tile that is not extremely sound absorbent. A “live” ceiling that sound will bounce off is more attractive to the ear and allow the sound to develop fully from the speakers.

Acoustic tiles

will absorb the sound and may be a little too dead sounding.


home theatre

designed with lots of hard surfaces will need more sound absorption from the ceiling, as the sound will be bright as it bounces off hard surfaces. An

acoustic ceiling tile

in this instance will be perfect. It is all about getting the balance right.

Assuming then you have your calculations done, you have your choice of acoustic ceiling tiles or ceiling tiles, you can really make a statement with re-creating the old style elaborate cinema ceilings of yesteryear. The colour and design of a

home theater ceiling tiles

will play a major role, as many people will try to match the look of old style, ornate theater ceilings. Others may choose

dark ceiling tiles

that do not reflect a lot of light. Whatever the choice, it should not detract from the movie once the lights go down. For a truly finished room, you should choose a decorative ceiling that adds to your room as a whole.

Tin ceiling tiles

instead of plaster are an easily installed alternative that instantly alters the look of a room. They come in a variety of colors and patterns you can match to the room’s decor. They can be installed in several ways, from nail-up ceilings that require a wood substrate for installation, drop-in tiles that can be installed into a suspended grid ceiling (handy for hiding the wiring) and glue up ceiling tiles.

Acoustic tiles will be absorbent and are available in black, white with different coloured metal grids. It will give your home theatre the winning edge if they are what you need as the level of sound control will be well worth it with lots of noise reduction and smooth sounds.

Depending on the walls in the room, you may need to add another drywall with a gap to improve soundproofing. This will have the effect of making the room smaller. Another idea to improve soundproofing with the additional bonus of insulation to keep warmth in, is to use

ceiling tiles

on the walls too. There are black and dark coloured ceiling tiles that will be perfect and give an effective décor as well as the practical application of soundproofing. A home theatre is a fantastic project to do whether it is in a spare room, a basement or completely built from new. Ceiling tiles are an important part of creating the look you want and to provide practicality by acting acoustically too.